Designers' corner

You are designer and would like to develop your product group footwear made in France, with your own brand identity: you will find Ferrand SAS not only to be an experienced, adaptable and responsive business partner but also:


  • traditional know-how, a high quality of execution and production capacity in the historic cradle of the shoe manufacturing industry

  • The guarantee of real French made product that is certified by the label “Guaranteed French Origin”

  • Compliance with regulations, absence of hazardous substances and safety measures to the consumer (REACH)

  • Direct contact with Ferrand Company’s design team

  • Exchange of ideas and co-creation of the final product


  • The transition between the draft and final prototype in accordance with the regulations

  • A marketable final product from mid to high range models

  • A wide variety of specific techniques designed to sewn or welded products

  • Key information regarding components (fabric, soles, trim, flange units, etc.) and orientation towards the best industrializable solutions

  • The patronage and all available options of industrialization

  •  Quick prototyping and sampling and pre-series manufacturing

  • Experience of customers’ satisfaction from the most demanding ones

  • Access to Ferrand SAS’ network of suppliers and partners

  • Eventual technical assistance and support during the sourcing components exhibitions

  • Cultural, informational and geographical proximity (TGV train station)

  • Potential support in marketing and sale


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