Our Values

In a World still far to be focused on population growth impacts, reduction of natural resources and climate change, the FERRAND Team decided to engage its own action, at its scale but for an actual sustainable development.


Short term strategies, within present game rules, but structuring and sharing right now targets, stakes, policies and values : health and safety, local employment, legal exemplarity, performance AND welfare at work, continuous reduction of carbon balance, eco-design, product life management.

A long term policy with an intervention duty. Act where we have some control and everywhere when possible (renewable energies, eco-designed products, skills development, local impacts).

Consider in each decision and in each strategic choice: local impact for global and global impacts there.Train, share information with customers through displaying environmental impacts from the activity and the products, offer them a choice.

Imply all business parties in sustainable development, turn supply chain into a closer one, engage common projects.



Health and safety

Health and safety of the Team is priority Nr. 1, with no compromise. This implies as well its welfare. 

Hygiene, health and way of life improvement

On top of FERRAND SAS requirements regarding legal conformity and, wider, on both safe materials and processes, the team wants to offer high quality products that are able to bring safety, comfort, and relaxation.

Carbon footprint and greenhouse gases reduction

Target from FERRAND SAS Team is simply to reduce drastically and continuously the impact of its activity (plant, processes, supply chain, products) on the environment. The company realizes a carbon balance and measures environmental footprint of its products, through 3 parameters. In 2012, electricity became the sole energy of the full activity and target is to be autonomous in 2016.

Waste reduction

Our operational target is two divide by 2 wastes of all sorts, as linked with our activity and within 5 years at the latest.

Sustainable sourcing

FERRAND SAS focuses and will focus on short sourcing solutions, ideally local ones and exclusively on actual partnerships; a community bound by progress.  


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